Thesizzler Tabler/FREDer/Story Writer

Thesizzler is one of the main group of dedicated fans of the 158th Banshee squadron. Currently the new leader of this project, he helps with many areas of the project, assuming his ethernet card is in a good mood.


Shiv FREDding/Tabling/effecting

He like to FRED and mod FreeSpace 2. Loves cold criticism and hates fault-finding and himself. Fan of Battlestar Galactica series.


Woolie Wool 2D artist/FREDer/writer/tabler

Has an opinion about just about everything, and a talent for writing. He does effects, tables, dialogue, and any sort of creative writing.


Talon_1024 FREDer/Modeller

As a big-time fan of the Wing Commander Franchise, and Space Sims in general, He likes doing various tinkering with FS2 and/or Blender and helping to making missions for Saga in his off-time.


Retired Staff

mikhael Lead 3D Artist

Lead 3D artist for the 158th, mikhael is also one of the two project leaders.  Very skilled in model-making, every model created by the 158th holds a bit of his touch.


an0n 3D Artist

An excellent artist, an0n has stuck with the 158th since its early days at HLP and continues to do excellent work.


Hotsnoj 3D Artist

The 158th's dedicated LODder, Hotsnoj is in charge of creating the lower poly models to be seen from greater distances.  He is also quite an impressive artist when using Blender.


LtNarol Lead 2D Artist

Original founder of the 158th and current 2D artist of the team, Narol does a little bit of everything; he also happens to be the other project leader.


Riven Artst

An artist with an incredible capacity for making "stuff" work, Riven will be contributing much to the interface artwork for this here little mod.


Matrixmillion Composer

One of our prized possessions, Matrixmillion will be composing all the new music which we will be featuring. Very talented in his job, his work is bound to set the atmosphere of Into the Night.


Spicious Lead Mission Designer

Our dedicated and capable pather and general worker, Spicious adds and edits the paths for 158th models in addition to doing many other things. We appear to have accomplished our mission of curing him of his sanity. He also happens to be the intellectual of the mob and is currently in charge of managing the team's mission designers.


adwight Mission Designer

Fresh talent and I do mean talent, adwight joins the team to bring an extra set of mouse and keyboard into the game. Upon the completion of Exposition, adwight will venture onward to get a head start on Gathering; at least such is the plan.


Krackers87 Mission Designer

Mission designer by profession, Krackers will have plenty of work on his hands (and hard drive). I hope you're still checking back frequently, because with the addition of his abilities, release may just become reality.


NS33 Mission Designer

Another mission designer on our list of many, NS33 is a dedicated and hard worker. Think of him as... a worker ant :-)


ShadowWolf_HL Mission Designer

Old, senile, and serious seem to be the first three words which come to mind whenever someone mentions "ShadowWolf"; upon closer inspection however, those words translate into experienced, careful, and professional. One of the team's most experienced mission designers, we expect him to go forth and do great and wondrous things.


Childrenmcnuget    Story Writer

Our lead writer, Childrenmcnuget is in charge of doing much of the campaign plotting and is quite excellent at it. It is important to note that he has a twisted sense of humor much like mine, you have been warned.


Needless to say, this project would not be where it is today were it not for our retired staff; many of these people have contributed significantly towards our progress.

15thRampage Former 3D Artist

StratComm Former Converter

Wildlife Former Artist

Zeronet Former Artist

Dranon Former Mission Designer

Skippy Former Mission Designer

Stunaep Former Mission Designer

Thorn Former Animation Artist

Corsair Former Artist