New Exposition Screenshots from the 158th
by Black Wolf on 2004-08-10 09:08:47
Those busy boys and girls over at the 158th have released a whole threadful of screenshots from their upcoming demo act, Exposition (Not Explosion, as I've been informed). Anyway, go check them out at their forum!

The 158th: Hiring!
by Setekh on 2004-07-11 08:20:09
The 158th Banshee Squadron, a campaign team currently led by Spicious, is currently hiring. This latest push is required for the completion of their campaign Into The Night: Exposition. Strangely enough, it's not texturers they need - but skybox artists, animators and voice actors! If you're able to help, head over to the 158th forum and give them a shout in the hiring thread.

by LtNarol on 2003-09-27 11:51:55
The 158th is still casting for Exposition, if you are an aspiring actor or actress and would like to have a voice (bad pun) in Exposition, please send an application with a sample attached to [email protected].

New Techroom!
by LtNarol on 2003-09-01 15:13:46
After much rendering, our new Techroom is up and running. We are also now displaying a few more ships and weapons to boot. Check it out!